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SPC Sublimation Phone Cases and what is the proper Sublimation Process

Around the globe, at least 70%  of people own smartphones. They have become something that everyone depends on daily. The main reason why we use phones is to communicate. Because these smartphones are delicate, you want to try your level best and protect them from falling and breaking the screen.

Using a Sublimation Phone Casescan reduce the chances of your phone breaking and help to maintain its appearance. It is easy to install and ensure phone protection.

SPC Sublimation Phone Cases are unique and very high quality case made of Rubber on the sides with grip which make it super elegant to hold.

When it comes to a Sublimation Phone Cases, there are different people, such as those who love the durability. Others love the fashion and style, essential protection, and some are tech enthusiasts.This is why there is no limit with your mids what to custom.

What is Sublimation Phone Cases?

Sublimation Phone Cases is when a solid material turns into a gas without going through the liquid stage. It is merely when an artwork is transferred onto an object in the gas state using high-temperature heat pressuring the sublimation printing process.

The process is different from the traditional method as it bypasses the liquid step, meaning no inks are drying on the printed object.

The two-step process of Sublimation Phone Cases

Step 1

The first step in the Sublimation Phone Casesprocess is printing the artwork to appear as a print on the mobile cover on a transfer sheet. It is through using the regular inkjet printers that have the sublimation ink.Best printer on the marker today are Epson or Ricoh.

The transfer sheet's purpose is to transfer the printed artwork on it to the object where it is to be applied. For the transfer sheet to transfer the ink, it needs to be heated at a high 370 F temperature, for 45-50 Second on Medium pressure at the heat press.

Step 2

Once the photo transferred is printed on the transfer sheet, the photo is transferred on the Sublimation Phone Cases. The process is done by adequately fixing the printed paper onto the blank sublimation phone case using heat-resistant tape.

Next, put a aluminium metal insert under the plastic phone case and heat it inside a vacuum press machine to transfer the print on the phone cover.

The metallic mould is vital as it ensures that the phone case remains in shape while undergoing the heat process. Without the mould, the  sublimation phone case will collapse due to high temperature and its shape.

Usually, the sublimation phone cases are from hard plastic Or Soft Rubber cases. There are two significant benefits of using such a technique to print mobile covers:

  1. The print is permanent and will never fade or chip from the back cover of the mobile.
  2. The Sublimation Phone Casestakes place on the back and both sides of the cover. It results in a wraparound print that makes the cover appear more attractive.

Advantage of using the Sublimation Phone Cases process

  1. The Sublimation Phone Casesprocess can print complex images like photographs and designs. Also, you can print full-colour images on hard surfaces with a polymer coating
  2. It is an affordable method that enables clients to either print one or more products without worrying about minimum order amounts. Small business can benefit as they can print small amounts of cases that they wish to gift clients
  3. The print is durable and will not fade or peel
  4. The client can fully customize their design with any element that change, like names or numbers
  5. Sublimation Phone Casesis a quick process that allows businesses to do same-day delivery or in a few hours after the order
  6. The sublimation method is an easy method to learn
  7. The method is the only process that allows 3D printing



Types of Sublimation Phone Cases

2D Sublimation Phone Cases

The types of covers involved in the 2D Sublimation Phone Casesconsist of complete metal or a combination of metal and plastic. There are two parts of the 2D phone covers, namely the metallic plate and the phone cover.

The design is next printed on the metallic plate with the 2D sublimation heat press machine. The next step is the fixing of the plate onto the phone cover.

The 2D sublimation process prints only in the back part of the phone cover that will appear printed. Its sides will not be printed and will remain the original colour.

3D Sublimation Phone Cases          

The 3D Sublimation Phone Cases, on the other hand, are made of polycarbonate plastic. It is a single phone cover with the ability to cover the phone from the back entirely and its sides. It offers excellent protection and complete access to all phone buttons.

Unlike the 2D Sublimation Phone Cases, the 3D sublimation phone cases has the design printed on both the back and the sides. It offers the phone full coverage that makes it appear more beautiful than the 2D sublimation covers. They are superior in quality and finish.

The 3D sublimation phone cases are printed in the 3D sublimation vacuum machine. For each phone model, you require moulds that fit the specific phone model. The process is slightly expensive but worth it when you consider the quality of the end product.

3D sublimation printing only works on phone cases that have specifically been made for printing purposes. If not, the cases will shrink. So this means that you can only use the sublimation method on complex, gel, and TPU phone cases.

Guidelines we follow before printing on a phone case

To create lasting and beautiful phone cases, we follow the below guidelines before printing.

  1. Ensure the file is in JPEG or PNG format with at least 300 DPI
  2. Set the print file to sRGB colour profile
  3. Store all essential graphic elements in a safe print area. All essential graphics should be within the range of a given template
  4. We always remember the placement of the case's camera hole when designing. Also, we consider the phone's logo or where the text will appear
  5. Delete guideline layers before exporting any files when using our templates

Sublimation Phone Casesare trending, and it is an easy and fast process to ensure you get your phone customized according to your liking. Another positive aspect is you can print the photo of a loved one and gift them the phone case.


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