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Sublimation Heat Tape for the Diy heat press projects, sublimation products for printing, Heat Tape 8/12mm For transfer products.Fast Shipping From Los Angeles One side Self-adhesiveComes in : 8 and 12mm (100...
$2.09 USD Sale Regular price $3.30 USD
$2.09 USD Sale Regular price $3.30 USD
Sublimation Paper - Beaver TexPrint All-Purpose High-Release Sublimation Paper for Ricoh and Virtuoso printers. 8.5" x 11", 110 Sheets per pack. Suitable for all substrates. Delivers:  Excellent dimensional stability at...
Regular price $19.45 USD
Regular price $19.45 USD
Sublimation INNOSUB USA Transfer Paper Works with Polyester and material with cotton content ≤30% Our sublimation paper works with Inkjet-compatible printers. The paper can be used with phone cases, mousepads,...
$6.29 USD
$6.29 USD

We offer Dye Sublimation supplies Transfer paper like the Sawgrass Text Print and Innosub USA paper which can support all Sublimation Blanks you will need for you Sublimation business .

We are using daily those Sublimation Paper and would love to support your printing shop.

Shop for all the best Sublimation transfer paper in the US market

Most Common FAQ:

Q: Can this paper be used on Stainless Steel Tumblers?

A: You can use this paper to sublimate on sublimation blanks   whether its tumblers mugs apparel etc

Q: Does this INNOSUB usa paper transfer to Cricut mug presses? 

A: Yes, I use this paper quite often in the Cricut mug press. Make sure your print setting are correct and paper is adhered correctly to mug

Q: Can the Innosub sublimation paper be used with a sawgrass 500?

A: Yes this sublimation transfer paper will work with all the sublimation inks. and the colors come out brilliantly

Q: Can this work on glass? If so is there anything i have to do the glass?

A: Yes, it works on glass

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